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Cross-cultural Management Seminars, Coaching & Workshops


‧Specific assistance in communication between Western and Chinese business entities and within multi-cultural teams with different formats available according to audience (managers / staff) and organizational requirements (one- on-one / workshop, time,…)


‧View seminar formats for :

China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Indonesia


Logistics Support 
‧Business information on Chinese and/or European companies;
‧Customer relationship management; product inspection;
‧Organization of marketing / fact finding missions (schedule planning, interpretation…);

‧Product training of local sals staff, event management

‧In depth market analysis (size, trends, potential, regulation)
‧Screening of market players (importers, distributors, manufacturers)
‧Survey of competitors
‧Evaluation of market potential & entry level for new players


In Industry
‧For subcontracting, component and sub-assembly design & supply
‧For manufacturing joint-ventures in mainland China
‧For R&D and/or marketing cooperation in Europe

In Investment
‧For funding of R&D, manufacturing or marketing
‧For joint ventures in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China or Europe;
‧Assistance in investment project design; legal documentation, … 

In Marketing

‧For selection of importers/distributors;
‧Scoring of potential candidates (product portfolio, strategy for future expansion, risk/reward analysis…)

‧On-going business development & monitoring (agency contracts, legal structure, IP registration…) 



Euro-Asian Strategic Encounters-EASE™:


EASE™ services are available in two formats: 
‧EASE™ for European CEOs and top management: 
‧Customized business expeditions to Europe for key Asian leaders & top managers.
‧EASE™ consist in a operational exploration of key-strategic issues of Asia today and tomorrow, its hotbeds for emerging trends and its networks of decision-makers and opinion leaders…
Download presentation in French in .pdf format (284Kb)

‧EASE™ for Asian CEOs and top management: 
‧EASE™ consist in a precise program of one-on-one meetings with premier Europeans CEOs and executives over the course of several days. These meetings maybe combined with world-class strategic consulting services designed to facilitate the emergence of multinational strategy, innovative decisions and new business opportunities …

Download presentation in English in .pdf format (187Kb)

Download presentation in Chinese in .pdf format (375Kb)